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Melissa Biggs Bradley


Melissa Biggs Bradley

Melissa Biggs Bradley, CEO+Founder of Indagare

What are the most important things to know before you go to a new country?
I like to know at least two people who live where I am going so I can get intel from an insider. Of course, I also want to know what the weather and dressing style is so that I can blend in, and what the must sees of a destination are. I like to read about an area's current events before going but also great novels or memoirs set in the location to give context. 

What are your on-board essentials?
Comfortable clothing so I can sleep on the plane, great moisturizer, lots of water, reading materials (magazines), an ipad loaded with TV shows and my laptop because I do find the plane is a great place to get writing done. I also have a necklace with pendants from my travels that I often wear almost as an amulet. 

Melissa Biggs Bradley necklace amulet

Describe the most unusual thing you have eaten on a journey?
I recently ate fried crickets in Mexico; they taste like popcorn. I have eaten warthog skewers and kudu fillets in South Africa but some of Madrid-based chef Ramon Freixa's dishes are among the most memorable. Madrid has wonderful restaurants, though it is not as known for them as Copenhagen or Paris. 

What are three places that are on your list to visit that you have never been?
This spring I went to Iceland and Rwanda, both of which had been high on my list and were first-time visits. I am also planning to travel to Iran in the fall, which I have been waiting to explore for years. 

If you could time travel, where would you go and in what period?
I think Kenya in the time of White Mischief would have been fascinating. I would have loved to have flown with Beryl Markham over the Serengeti or to have traveled to the Middle East with the British explorer Freya Stark when she was discovering the Valley of the Assassins. Russia under the rule of Catherine the Great would have been incredible too.