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Article: Bolivia


Travelled and written by Susan Yonce

I joined an Indagare Insider Journey to Bolivia with a five-day trip to explore the emerging food scene in La Paz and the incredible natural wonders of the largest salt flat in the world, Salar de Uyuni.  We had a special introduction to both places because we experienced it in the company of Bolivia's most celebrated artist, Gaston Ugalde. He and his son shared their stories of working and living in Bolivia, and we were able to participate in some of the land art installations that Gaston created in the Salar.

 La Paz

We stayed at the stunning Atix Hotel in La Paz, which is a sleek contemporary boutique hotel with lots of art by the Bolivian artist Gaston Ugalde. We toured the Calacoto neighborhood and the Museo de Etnografia y Folklore. We were out to discover the emerging food scene, and we found some true treasures.  We ate at La Paz's top restaurant Gusto, which has been named one of the best restaurants in South America. We also had wonderful meals and interactions with the chefs at Ali Pacha, an amazing vegan restaurant. We loved our evening in a private, open-kitchen room at Aptapi with chef Marco Boniface, who is known as the King of Quinoa. One of our favorite meals, though, was at a tiny, simple place known for its saltañes, which are Bolivian empanadas. 

Salar Y Uyuni

In the Salar, we stayed at Luna Salada, a hotel made entirely of blocks of salt. This unique property features floors are crushed salt and the bed frames and tables are salt blocks. We accessed the breathtaking salt flats with their dramatic topography and pink flamingos by Land Rover.



Insider Tips
 La Paz is at 11,000 feet so it is imperative to drink a lot of water and take your time adjusting to the climate. I would suggest spending a few days in La Paz and at least three or four in the Salar to explore the incredible scenery.


Kelly's Packing List- Bolivia

 Lots of layers and sun protection are the best way to deal with the weather and altitude in Bolivia. Loewe Fairisle Sweater strikes just the right chord when paired with Outdoor Voices leggings and a Perfect Moment VestI love this Gianni boot for exploring the Salt Flats. For evening, a jacket from Alix of Bohemia and these Annie Costello Brown earrings dress up a pair of jeans.  Da Mamiel Altitude Oil keeps skin dewy in the high air, and a Corroon Puffy Kit easily stores sunscreen, sunglasses and other necessities.  Lastly, a good hat is essential for sun protection in the high altitude, and I love this one from Lola.