While we hope that you find our products beautiful, we also expect them to be hard-working.

Every bag is designed to make traveling easier, with three core principles in mind:


There is nothing worse than a bag that is heavy before you even put a sock in it. We have sourced super lightweight canvas from the famed British Millerain Company, purveyor of waxed cotton textiles for the British military and top fashion brands for three generations. It is waterproof and stain resistant, and it is some of the most beautiful and durable canvas you can find.

Ease of Use

Do you conduct a conference call, fish around for your boarding pass, scold your children for fighting with each other, and run to the gate all at the same time? I do. I need pockets in the right place at the right time on every bag that I take along. Hidden external pockets, pocket depth, and detachable auxiliary bags have all been carefully considered.


Our fabric is custom dyed and fabricated, and we aim to make our bags unique and distinguishable on the luggage carousel. Pairing fresh color combinations, a signature double stripe, and our iconic swallow pattern, we hope you will be excited to carry our products.


We recommend using a leather cleaner such as Lexol on your leather bags with a soft cloth to remove any light dirt or stains. ALWAYS test a small spot in a non-visible spot, (we suggest the bottom of the bag or the folded part of your snap-out pouch) as over the years, the leather has been sourced from many different tanneries and can react differently depending on the finishing.  If your paint starts to look less than fresh, and you want a touch-up, please email us at and we will provide instructions for you to send it to us.  We want these bags to wear beautifully through the ages, and we are always open to anything we can do to extend their lifetime.

For sailors, a swallow was a sign that land was near and their journey was coming to an end. This led many seamen from the British Royal Navy to adopt the swallow tattoo as an icon of hope and a successful finish to a long tour of duty. Legend says they would have one swallow tattooed before they embarked and one upon arriving safely home. Swallows are migratory birds that typically return to the same nest each year. We hope our products are part of your own safe journeys for years to come.