our story

This company started from a long-standing love affair with travel. My mother took me to Paris when I was 12, and I have been hooked on the unique sensory experience of a journey ever since.

I suppose you could say travel is in my blood. From the early 1920’s, the Corroon women would set off on adventures to far-off lands in mother-daughter and sister pairs to educate and enlighten themselves. They sought out the undiscovered. I think they were able to find themselves during a time when women didn’t have many opportunities for independence. The photographs and stories of these trips have always been inspirational to me.

As children, we were always expected to "dress up" to travel. To this day, my father never boards a plane without a blazer. In these more casual days, my own children bemoan the fact that the very first thing I plan when packing for a trip is their airplane outfit, which to their dismay, is decidedly not flip-flops and a pair of leggings.

But so much for a jolly little ensemble if you are dragging an awful looking bag behind you. So I asked myself, why was no one doing stylish, beautifully crafted luggage in great colours that didn’t cost the moon?

After over a decade of living in the UK and Asia, and working with wonderful brands like Gap, Ralph Lauren, Boden, Chanel and Selfridges, I created Corroon to help you get from A to B with a little more style. The collection aspires to capture the stylish sensibility of a bygone era with the modern and practical components needed for doing battle in today’s airports, train stations and hotels.
Travel well.